Report: Hindutva in Britain

Community Policy Forum, in collaboration with The Bridge Initiative, have launched our new report examining the presence of Hindutva (Hindu nationalism) in Britain.

The report analyses the historical and contemporary context that has cultivated the complex landscape in which Hindu nationalist influences have emerged in the UK. It explores:

  • The history and background of Hindutva.
  • How British voices who have long played a role in spreading Islamophobia have aligned themselves with Hindu nationalist narratives, which often employ anti-Muslim tropes.
  • UK-based groups and individuals who have expressed or supported Hindu nationalist sentiment.
  • How the existence of Hindutva is impacting harmony and cohesion between South Asian communities in the UK, with a particular focus on Leicester.

The 2022 Leicester riots serve as a case study in demonstrating the presence of Hindu nationalist sentiment in the UK, as well as how individuals who either subscribe to Hindu nationalist ideas or hold anti-Muslim beliefs used the events to spread Islamophobia and create further divisions amongst the multicultural population of the city.

Read the full report:


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